Hello! I'm Michele!  I'm an Intuitive Angelic Channel, Transformation Coach and Master Healer. 

Ever feel like something is blocking you, keeping you from having what you want? 

If you feel stuck in an endless cycle, constantly repeating tough, painful experiences, and you're ready to invite lasting health, wealth, and love into your life, I can help!

I'm best at helping you release and heal old wounds and karmic patterns from the past and present - once and for all! - so that you can live your best life. 

Are you ready to open up your heart to healing, love, and light? 

Is your soul calling you to expand your spiritual gifts?

You've come to the right place.  Having worked with thousands of clients, I have created these programs, classes and meditations to help guide your spiritual growth. Explore and listen to your heart - you always know what you need.

“I met Michele in 2004 and she changed my life.  

I was suffering from severe back pain, and she gave me a Reiki healing session, and relieved the pain. I continued to see her, and have studied with her since then, too.  I’ve learned Reiki, healing, meditation, spiritual development, psychic development and many more fun and life enhancing things.”  

-Carol H., Newport Beach, CA

"Michele is the real deal. She is a master at what she does!

Since working with her my life has been completely transformed. I've seen many spiritual healers and no one is like Michele. She is the best. I've been working with her for years and I've sent my entire family to her. She is a true light worker - I am so grateful!" 

-Valerie H., Los Angeles, CA

"Michele gave me the most accurate reading I have ever had. 

I have been getting readings for 20 years, and have never had such a great reading!  And you made me feel uplifted as well.  You are a gem!!"

-James L., Phoenix, AZ


I have a very high profile life and having Michele by my side as a calm and loving guide helps me to get through the roughest days.

I started seeing Michele for psychic readings and she is so amazing I now see her weekly for her Intuitive Counseling sessions.  Michele is an Angel and I cannot say enough good things about her.”

-K.C., Newport Coast, CA

“I have taken many classes from many teachers over the years, but have never found one that encapsulates all of the knowledge into one class.

Thank you, Michele, for your ongoing spiritual development class.  And I love your meditations.  I have purchased all of your CDs and listen to them every day. Thank you for everything that you do.” B.L., Laguna Beach, CA

"Michele’s healings and meditations have helped me to learn how to handle my life’s obstacles. 

She had taught me so much.  My heart, my mind, my views, my beliefs have all shifted to have more understanding.  Our group meditations are always amazing.  Her healings are beyond words." 

-F. R. C.,  La Verne, CA

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