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I am so happy you're here!  

Your time for spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellness is now! 

And helping you on your journey is my soul purpose and passion!

Since 2002, I have helped thousands of clients achieve peace, love, abundance and great health by addressing the entire mind/body/spirit connection.

As an Intuitive, Transformation Coach, Angelic Channel and Master Healer, I work closely with guides and angels, ascended masters, Christ Consciousness, the higher self/ I AM presence and many benevolent beings of light to ensure deep, powerful energetic shifts and realignment!  As a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empath and Angelic Channel I bring through amazing guidance and healing energies.  I have trained for many years and am certified in multiple modalities to provide you with the very best applications that are available today. I understand the power of consciousness and work with you to become aware of, and master, your thinking and also to heal the subconscious expressions that can cause so much pain.  I work at the DNA level to create permanent change, and by applying powerful healing modalities we are able to bring everything together for your greatest healing and alignment

I am trained and certified in over 22 powerful healing modalities, and all of them are at your disposal when we work together!

This means you'll never have to stress or worry about asking for the right "thing." 

Whatever you need (maybe some Reiki or energy healing, a channeled message from spirit, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, EFT/Tapping, DNA and Template Restructure and Activation, Selenite Swords of Light healing and activation, channeled Angelic message, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Soul Retrieval, or Angelic Healing Infusions, or maybe a meditation before we start?) I've got you covered! To put it another way, I take the guesswork out of the healing process, saving my clients time and money. 

Better still, each session in my program builds on the next, deepening your consciousness, expanding your connection, creating healing, balance and spiritual growth. By the end, we will have peeled back the layers of whatever it is that's blocking you and causing you pain, so that you can step fully into your power and live the life you really want. (Ahhhh...doesn’t that already feel amazing?!)

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Learn More About Michele:

1) I am a published author!

The Warrior Women With Angel Wings Trilogy is available in the Store Now!!  Warrior Women is an anthology written by women for women.  My story, The Crooked Road Back Home, carries through all three books and is a beautiful tale of how, even though we all struggle, there is always triumph.  Angels and guides are always there to love and guide us as we travel these earthly realms in this human form. Please visit my store to purchase! 

2) I love unicorns! (Once you understand why, you will too!)

I first became attuned to unicorns and their powerful healing essence in 2005. Since then, I incorporate them into my work whenever I can! (You'll even notice them sprinkled around this site for fun!) Still not sure about the power of these majestic creatures?? Click here to read an entire blog post I wrote on the topic. An excerpt: “The Unicorn ... represents the purity of our own Divine Sacred Soul, and as we release the illusion of our separation from God, we find our inner Unicorn. Unicorns have withstood the sands of time to bring to us the ability to reach our own magnificent Light, and to stand in that power with Love.”

3) I am also a Voice Actor and work on commercials, narrations and in animation and cartoons!!

You can visit my website to see projects I am working on and to her my demos on my Michele Voice Actor website at Michele Voice Actor

4) Learn about Healthy Wholesome Low Carb eating with Keto Club Plus!

If you are interested in learning how to do the Low Carb Keto way of eating in a healthy, simple, wholesome way, then Keto Club Plus program is for you. You will learn to use the Keto eating lifestyle to heal your body and lose weight, and you will learn how to use many tools to address the emotional issues and mental/subconscious patterning that lead to illness and being overweight!! These tools include Hypnotherapy, EFT/Tapping, Chakra and Energy Balancing, Journaling, Essential Oils, Meditation, Prayer Technology, Crystal Healing and much more!! You will be included in a super secret Facebook Group where you will enjoy live videos, ideas about how make Keto easy and fun, recipes, and a loving, supportive group of people who are all on the same journey!

A low carb Keto way of eating is also healing to the body. Chronic pain, autoimmune issues, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other medical issues have been straightened up using this way of eating. It is how our ancestors ate before the industrialization of our food began!! Doctors are finally understanding how important it is that we use food as medicine.

As always, consult your doctor before making any major changes to your lifestyle …. and use your good judgement.

I will teach you a wholesome, whole being approach to Keto!! You can find out more at Keto Club Plus !!

5) Music has always been a huge part of my life! 

My father worked in the music industry for years (he was president of Capitol Records) and we always had all different kinds of music playing in the house. I was so blessed to be in the presence of some of the most creative, intuitive, intelligent, and influential people in music while growing up! While my own path was not in the music industry, the power and healing energy of music has always been a big part of my practice. I use high vibrational music, toning, angelic language, drumming and crystal bowls to create beautiful healing experiences