Psychic Mediumship and Angelic Guidance Readings

60-Minute: $200 |  30-Minute: $125

Michele has given thousands of readings over the years, and they are POWERFUL!

She has provided spiritual guidance on a range of topics, including (but not limited to):

  • Love/Relationships
  • Lost items
  • School/Education
  • Major life changes
  • Career
  • Money
  • Relocation
  • Pets
  • Entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Forecasts for the year ahead
  • Health/Wellness
  • Any life challenges you may be facing! 

Why you'll love this:

Clients walk away from these sessions with renewed inner peace, the answers they've been looking for, and a clearer sense of purpose. If you're not sure what move to make, or what to expect next in life, these readings are for you! 

How it works:

Michele is a direct conduit for the Angelic Realms for spiritual messages.  She may use angel cards, oracle cards or crystals during a reading to enhance your guidance. Sometimes, a deceased loved one will also come through! Although this is not a mediumship sitting, if a loved one wants to come through during your reading, Michele will always allow Spirit to guide what is best for you!

You may ask any questions you may have, and this is advised, so you get exactly what you are looking for.  The Angels always say "You must ask us for what you need.  We honor your free will and will not supersede that.  By asking us the questions you want answers to, we are able to provide you with those answers and also guidance and assistance to help you in the most beneficial way."

When you work with Michele, you are in the presence of Angels and Love and Light beings who offer you the most powerful insight and healing. 

*Readings are done over the phone, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. Please note, all payments are non-refundable. 

You may use this link to schedule and pay for your session:



**Some Testimonials:

I remember our first session, way back in 2006, when you told me that I would be moving to the Pacific Northwest and would be starting a new business of my own.  Ten years later, I am living in Seattle Washington and have built a practice as a holistic veterinarian.  So many of Michele’s intuitive messages have come true.  I know I can always rely on her pure gift and her loving presence to see me through life’s little bumps.  Dr. Casey, Seattle WA

I started coming to you in 2009 for a reading.  I’ve never had such an accurate reading.  You told me my husband would have a breakthrough and that our marriage was going to be ok by December and it happened just like you said!!!   Lil, Orange CA

Twice a year I come to California from New Delhi and my first quest is to get an appointment with my Michele. She is the true seer and guide for myself and my family. A.R., New Delhi, India

Michele gave me the most accurate psychic reading I have ever had.  I have been getting readings for 20 years, and have never had such a great reading!  And you made me feel uplifted as well.  You are a gem!!  James L. Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for the very best reading I have ever had.   Whilst I have been going to psychics for 20 years,  I have never had a reading like yours.  You radiate a light and hold a presence that is so empowering that the session is like an all over tonic, not just a reading. Our session was on Skype, and I could feel you with me as if you were properly there! I cannot believe that you haven’t been “discovered” and made famous, because you should to be.  You could touch so many lives.  I tell everyone about you!!  Thank you again, Michele, you are an angel.  Cheers, Beth L.  Shropshire, UK

Hi Michele, thank you so much for your reading the other night.  I wanted to let you know that I found the letter my Uncle was talking about, it was even in an old suitcase like you said!  It is now a family treasure!!  Thank you so much!  L.D., Atlanta GA

I want you to know that the information you gave to my sister and I have changed our lives.  We talk to our Mother every day now, and we know she is with us, and she is happy and strong.  I am hoping you will come to my house to do a spirit circle for the rest of my family and friends!!  I’ll be calling you, soon.  Jasmine R.  Newport Coast, CA


I saw an angel the other day just like they said I would, or you said I would!  I really am beginning to believe that the angels want to work with me.  Thank you for opening this avenue of spirituality for me.  Y. M.  Irvine, CA