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Tune in to Michele's radio program, hosted on Blog Talk Radio, for spiritual guidance and healing insight. She also takes questions from listeners! 

Official Description: Certified Angelic Practitioner, Intuitive Consultant, Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher and host, Michele Amburgey, facilitates discussion and insights about spirituality, psychic communication, mediumship, healing, channeling, angels, crystals, ET's, light workers and much, much more. She touches on everything metaphysical, spiritual and mystical!

A Few of the Most Popular Shows:

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Unicorns, not just for kids anymore! 

Unicorns are powerful spiritual beings who are bringing their energies back to the planet at this time of increasing evolution and spiritual growth.  They are loving, kind, caring beings who are able to support you on your journey to awakening.  On this show we will get history on unicorns and we'll learn how to connect to them and how to communicate, too!!  So be sure to join me, Michele Amburgey, as we connect with Unicorn power!!

Chakras and your psychic senses

Join Michele this week to learn more about the chakra system and how to develop and use them to attain your goals, dreams and create the life you want to live!!!  This is a continuation of last weeks show and you can find that show in the archives!!  Come on, let's get Conscious!!!

Living with angels, how to effectively communicate

Learn how to communicate in a way that brings the Angels to your side and helps you to life your very best life.  Have you ever wondered how you can have Angels in your life?  Have you ever wondered why Angels would want to be in your life?  Would you like to know how much they love you and how much they want to help you? Listen in and find out, and then learn how to effectively communicate with them!!