Your Personalized Daily Practice Meditation

$77.00 | 30-minute Guided Meditation

Make your daily spiritual practice more meaningful with a personalized meditation, designed for what you need most! (Finding love? alleviating chronic pain? healing past trauma? Receiving wealth and abundance?)

Here, Michele will design and record a channeled meditation just for you! No two are alike! Plus, because Michele is a hypnotherapist, she adds in a little extra flavor to the meditation, so that you'll have a beautifully healing and enlightening experience.

How it works:

Michele will chat with you over the phone or via Skype to discuss your meditation. She will then get to work designing and channeling your personal meditation, as well as adding the perfect music to ensure deep relaxation and healing. You will receive your finished, 30-minute guided meditation within 10 days. It is recommended that you listen to it daily for at least 40 days to initiate the healing and energy shifting process.

Your Personalized Daily Practice Meditation
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