Soulful Living Mentorship Program

Investment: Starting at $1200

Are you ready for deep and lasting healing and spiritual growth? Are you tired of feeling "stuck", frustrated and in constant pain? Are you looking for answers from your guides and angels? If so, my private mentorship program may be perfect for you. Includes membership into my Soulful Living Facebook Group. (Offered online or in-person)

Spiritual Guidance Readings

Investment: Starting at $125

A single session can be great to "try out" spiritual healing, receive a loving message from your angels, departed loved ones or spiritual guides, and work through limitations and old patterns. Limited spots available each week.  For more in-depth answers, guidance and healing, please see my Soulful Living Mentorship Program.

8-Week Spiritual Development Class (online)

Investment: $225

Looking to expand your spiritual and psychic gifts? This class is perfect for you. Each week, we dive into powerful lessons to strengthen your connection to source, channeling abilities and intuition. Topics: clairvoyance, energy clearing, energy healing, consciousness, ascension, angels and guides, psychic and mediumship development, channeling, psychic protection, prayer and meditation technologies, past lives, crystals, crystal bowls, sound healing and more exciting topics. Includes membership into my Soulful Living Facebook Group. 

Your Personalized Daily Practice Meditation (NEW!) 

Investment: $77

Make your daily spiritual practice more meaningful with a personalized meditation, designed for what you need most (finding love? alleviating chronic pain? Receiving wealth and abundance?) After a phone consultation, I will tap into the higher realm and connect with the archangels and your spiritual guides to channel a 30-45 minute meditation just for you. Listen to it daily for profound awakening and spiritual growth!