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To sign up or inquire about a class, please email Michele at or call her at 949-202-7493.


Popular Classes & Events

Spiritual Development Program 

This is an online class set up in eight week segments, please see calendar for dates and times.  $200 for each series of 8 classes

Come join us as we advance our soul through prayer, meditation, ascension practices, and consciousness building activities. Learn about energy, energy healing, chakras, crystals, guides, Angels, psychic development, mediumship development, channeling, setting altars, chanting and toning.  We will discuss Star Families, Atlantis, Lemuria and the multiple dimensions of reality.  We start with foundational practices and build upon each class.  To really develop a strong spiritual Self, it is important to have a regular practice of meditation and it is equally important to have a group to connect up with on a regular basis where you will build your confidence, learn new techniques and grow exponentially with your classmates!! Come join us for this fun, interactive class! 

Spiritual Sunday Mini Web Classes

Sunday afternoons at 4-6pm pacific time  $33 per class

On selected Sunday afternoosn from 4-6pm pacific time we have an online web style class covering a different topic each week.  Manifesting Money, Manifesting Love, DNA and Karma Ancestral and Incarnational Clearing, Releasing Fear and Doubt, Inner Child Work, Guide and Angel Connection, Connecting to our Star Families, Atlantean Families and Lemuria Families of Light. Learn about Angels and the Angelic Languages. This class will be a fluid, spirit lead course.  Check the calendar for the topic for that Sunday.

Crystal Healing Course

Four part course held in person (not a web class), please see calendar for dates and times.  

This four class course covers everything you want and need to know about crystals.  Learn the properties and healing abilities of many different crystals.  Learn how to clean, clear and activate your crystals.  Learn how to communicate with the Crystal Kingdom. Learn how to use crystals in your everyday life.  Learn how to do crystal grids.  Learn how to do crystal healing by applying crystals to clients for amazing healing experiences.  You will practice on each other to gain confidence and experience so that you can use this in your practice or in your life!!  This class will also include Crystal Bowl Activations to attune you to the Crystal Kingdom, allowing for greater communication and understanding.  If you do not see a class set up, please contact Michele and let her know you are interested.  Classes are created when the students are ready!  

Reiki Certification Course

3-Part Course: Traditional Usui Reiki, Levels One, Two and Reiki Master Teacher taught in three separate classes. 

In this 3-part program, you will be guided through the certification process, from Reiki Level One, Reiki Level Two and Reiki Level Three. All three sections include training, a learning manual, attunement, and 21 day integration period. Michele has been teaching Reiki since 2002 and offers a class full of information, experience and fun!!  Completion of this course and the integration period provides you with your Reiki Master certification and the ability to begin to practice professionally and teach as a Reiki Master Teacher!! Please see calendar for dates and times.  If you do not see a class set up, please contact Michele and let her know you are interested.  Often times classes are created when the students ask!!  Michele teaches in her own space and is also available to come to your home, office or healing space with a minimum of 5 students in attendance.  

Turning up the Megahertz!!

There are 144,000 Megahertz of light available to your being if all chakras are cleared, balanced and operating properly. The more Light you are filled with, the higher your vibration, creating an optimal environment for your well-being and ultimately your ascension.

During this workshop we will be working with plant Devas specifically chosen to clear and support each chakra raising the vibration of your internal energy centers. You will be anointed with these divine essences as your chakras are balanced, and space is created for the light to flow in. The Wisdom of these essences will be shared for ongoing support of your physical, emotional & spiritual vessel. 
Sacred Geometrical Alignment with Selenite Swords of Light will reset your energetic field and boost the light frequency within your body vessel. Selenite Swords are high vibrational tools that facilitate cleansing, clearing and balancing of the entire Energy matrix to the 11th dimension. They instantly remove all blocks and limitations. They are activated with over 200 crystals, volcanic rock, waters from 40 sacred spots around the world, all of the Sacred geometrical forms, and over 400 Ascended Masters, Angels, Holy Beings, Sacred Mantra, Emerald Tablets, Sacred Plant Medicines and much, much more. They will align you to your Divine Source for healing, attunement and Ascension.

Please see Calendar for dates.  We also can bring this class to you!!  Contact Michele for more info 949-202-7493

Sacred Sound and Selenite Sword Healing Evening

Enjoy an evening of Sacred Sound Bath and Selenite Sword Angelic Healing to soothe your soul and bless your life with Stacy and Michele!!  

Stacy Pendleton: Sanskrit Sound Baths
Experience deep relaxation and a balanced, centered state of being by immersing yourself in sacred sound. Stacy Pendleton holds space for sound healing, chakra balancing, guided meditation, visualization, aromatherapy, and hands on energy medicine. Stacy incorporates Sanskrit chanting, devotional singing, intuitive toning, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, shamanic rattles, and bells into this unique and powerful healing modality that has to be experienced to be believed! Relieve stress, clear energetic blockages, and send unconditional love into every cell with each breath. Begin to release that which no longer serves your highest good, and move forward to embrace this beautiful life! 

Michele Amburgey: Selenite Sword and Angelic Channel
Michele has been holding space for Angelic Communication since 2002 when she was called by the Angelic
Realms to be one of the many human channels needed to support humanity through the ascending ages of human kind. Michele is connected to all nine of the Angelic Realms as well as Ascended Masters and other Benevolent Beings of Light. Michele is also a holder of the Selenite Swords of Light Healing technique that brings through the powerful crystal healing energies.  The swords are imbued with over 250 crystals, volcanic rocks, sacred waters from 40 different spots around the world, Shamanic plant essences, and are attuned to 400 Ascended Masters, Angels, Holy Beings, Sacred Geometry, Emerald Tablets, Golden Plates, DNA activations and much more!! 

Please see Calendar for dates.  We can also bring this class to you.  Contact Michele for more info  949-202-7493

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