Who Are The Unicorns?

Who Are the Unicorns?

Many people ask me why I find Unicorns so fascinating.  They say they are silly and frivolous.  Of course they do, Unicorns are depicted in our modern world as such.  When I chose the Unicorn for my website, several people told me to not do it because people won’t take me seriously.

So my first blog post for my new website is to provide some information about the history of Unicorns, what Unicorns are really about and why I use them as a part of the energy of my business. And I think you will find they are truly magnificent!!

In 2009 I visited England, a country that is my true home, my soul home.  Everywhere I turned I saw Unicorn iconography.  Everywhere from city crests to family crests, on highway signs, city signs, on ancient buildings and modern ones. I saw them in grand cathedrals, small churches, government buildings, storefronts, t-shirts, castles, highway bridges and on the wall of the hotel I stayed in.  I became fascinated!!  There were also many icons of dragons, which I love as well, and will post on them later.  With all of the Unicorns I saw throughout England, I started looking into why they are such a part of my favorite countries history.

The Unicorn is both accepted and debunked throughout history, starting especially in the early 1500’s.  Debunkers said the depiction of unicorns were really rhinoceri or gnarwals.  But as I looked deeper, I found the Unicorn was shown clearly as a horse with a single horn growing from its forehead throughout Asia and Europe.  Few of the drawings, tapestries and paintings look anything like a rhino!!  Unicorns can be found on the crowns of Kings of many countries, on their thrones, in their castles and on their clothing.

The Bible has many phrases saying that certain people had the strength, power and magic of a Unicorn. It is a common belief that the horn of a Unicorn protects one from poisoning and heals the sick and wounded.  In tapestries and paintings of the Virgin Mary, a Unicorn is seen sleeping on her lap as the spirit of the Christ descends upon her.  Mythology tells us that a Unicorn can only be tamed by the purity of a virgin.  This is where I set off on my reason for using the Unicorn as my symbol.

The Unicorn is a sweet, yet powerful, being.  It represents the purity of our own Divine Sacred Soul, and as we release the illusion of our separation from God, we find our inner Unicorn.  We find our own sweetness, our own power and our True Self.  Unicorns are true to purity, just as we must be true to our own pure Self.  Unicorns stand in their magnificence as unique beings of Love and Light.  They are mystical, magical and beautiful just as we all are.  Unicorns have withstood the sands of time to bring to us the ability to reach our own magnificent Light, and to stand in that power with Love.

You are a Unicorn.  I AM a Unicorn.  And as we release the shadow of the past, wetoo can stand magnificent, magical, powerful and pure!!