It Starts with Loving Yourself - An Angelic Channeling

We’ve all been in love.  Isn’t it the most amazing feeling?  You can barely feel your feet, your head is in the clouds, colors are so vivid, sounds are so beautiful, and happiness envelops everything!!  If only it would stay like that forever!!

Unfortunately, life sets in and we settle into the ordinary.  Our loved ones are human, and sometimes they disappoint us.  The rosy glow begins to fade.  We begin to wonder who this is that we joined up with and if maybe, just maybe, there is someone better out there.  Isn’t that how it seems to go?

This is a universal experience.  We all go through it, sometimes several times in a lifetime.  So why is it so hard?  Love is so powerful, why can’t we hold onto it?

I asked the Archangels if they would help with this.  I really wanted a good answer!!

To my surprise and delight, Archangel Metatron came in with a warm breeze on my chilly legs. He says: “Love is a struggle because you precious humans haven’t figured out love isn’t a thing to have or a person to attach to.  Love is a consciousness.  You have ideas about what love is supposed to be and when it doesn’t happen that way, you think it isn’t love.  The problem, at its core, is that most of you don’t love yourselves.  You don’t love yourselves the way you want to be loved, so there is always a gap in your love experiences.  There seems to always be something missing.  And you think you are going to find it in someone else.  Nothing is further from the truth.  That gap, that missing thing you can’t seem to find with someone else, can only be filled by you.”

I have to admit, I kind of rolled my eyes.  We hear that all the time.  Love yourself.  Others can only love you to the extent you love yourself.  Yada, yada, yada.

I heard Metatron’s hearty laugh, as he went on, “You need to learn to take the time to treat yourself the way you want to be treated.  You have to be willing to show others how you want to be loved.  I ask you, how are they going to know how to treat you, how to love you, if you don’t show them?  You will find a positive response from the world around you when you put yourself at the center of your own Universe.  When you love you, it never goes away.  It does not betray you.  It does not cause hurt.  It fills your life with beauty and joy.  It is from this space that you can share your love with others.  And you will draw to you others who love themselves as well.  This is a Higher kind of Love.  It is Divine Love.  And this is what you are all here to share with each other.”

“I AM Metatron, and I love you.  Invite me to join you on your journey of self love. You’ll come to understand how precious and powerful and life changing your love truly is!!”

The Power of Reciprocity

“The Universe abhors a vacuum”.   The first time I heard this was when I was watching that wonderful breakthrough movie The Secret.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven when that movie came out!  As an Indigo and an Empath, and as someone who has always been close to the Angelic realms, I knew in my soul that so many of the teachings in The Secret were correct.

When I heard the statement “The Universe abhors a vacuum” I could hear the truth of it ring in the air around me.  I felt it in my body.  I felt it in my soul.  And I knew I’d better learn this statement on a deep level.  So I asked my Guardian Angel Galadriel (yes, that’s her name, I knew it before Lord of the Rings movie came out!) if she could help me understand the important of Universal balance and reciprocity and how best to achieve it.

Galadriel came to me in a whoosh of gold and blue light, like she does, and said, “The Universe requires balance because all that exists is balanced on an ever rotating sphere within a sphere within a sphere, etc.  Without balance it would all implode and cease to exist.“ 

My first though was how delicate and fragile it all was.  But Galadriel said, “Yes, it is fragile, and beautiful, and it is also designed as a tool for learning.  You brave souls who come into the third dimension to don a human form, and to experience through the human senses, must learn the power of reciprocity.   To achieve balance is one of the most important lessons you must learn.   

Every breath you breathe in, you must breathe one out, to stay alive.  Everything you put in your mouth must be processed, and excreted, to stay alive.  Everything you take from Mother Earth must be replaced, to keep her alive.  Every smile you receive from a stranger must be shared, to keep the goodness alive.  Every good deed one does for you must be returned to keep the kindness alive.  Everything you learn must be shared to keep the wisdom alive. 

Look at the places on your earth where selfishness, separateness and greed are in action.  Those places are dying.  The flora and fauna are dying.  The air is thick and heavy.  Water stands putrid in puddles.  The human life form is sick and lethargic.

Life cannot happen in a vacuum. “

I asked Galadriel if there was something I could do to be a better person in this part of my life.  She laughed her precious Angel laugh and said, “Yes, keep shining your Light, even in the dark places.  Don’t judge another, see each being as a part of God and Goddesses creation.  Love yourself.  And Love others.  You might not like them, but when you see them as part of the whole, it is easier to love them, because they are God/Goddess in their created form.  Maybe, they are holding a part of the Universal balance, and you just can’t see what it is at that moment.  You live in a world of duality, and this requires balance to continue.  Or not.  You are always shifting and changing and flowing up or down the creative spiral.  Remember, heaven is created in your heart and in your inner vision.  Spiritually centered people continue to flow upward in the spiral.  It is not better or worse than another, it is simply your souls calling.  Someday you will leave this spiral for another experience in another Universe, and there you will learn more amazing things.  Be well, sweet souls, your journey is a Sacred gift to us all.  Blessed are we that see the flow of the All.”

This was originally an article first published in Radiance Magazine, March 2017


Choosing peace over chaos, a little tool for you!

Life can be such an amazing experience!! We are surrounded by so much abundance and beauty! We are each an individuated expression of Love and Grace. We are here for spiritual growth and happiness.
But what happens when that is not our experience? What happens when life sucks and people suck and the world sucks and nothing is beautiful or happy?
When that is happening, we have choices. We can stay pissed off and frustrated and angry. Or we can accept the situation, know that everything changes, get out of our head and into our hearts.  
How, you ask? Here is my one HUGE tip I share with my clients who come in struggling with this..... are you ready, cuz it's a big one!!
Stop whatever you are doing and get into the present moment. To do this, take a deep breath and feel your feet. Take another deep breath and feel the earth beneath your feet. Stay there for a few more breaths, and then put your attention on your heart. Then take a look at where you are, right now, right here. What is around you? What colors, textures, smells, items, energy are you in right now? How does your body feel, tired, warm, cool, fidgety? No judgement, just observation. What sounds are you hearing? What draws your attention? Look at it with no judgement, just observe what it is. Take another breath. Feel your feet. Feel your heart center. Now, do you feel a little better?
Do this often, it is my gift for the day, just for you!!

If you feel that you need some more support and assistance, I am available by appointment for personally designed session to guide you through the challenges and into the peace of mind and heart that you deserve!