Choosing peace over chaos, a little tool for you!

Life can be such an amazing experience!! We are surrounded by so much abundance and beauty! We are each an individuated expression of Love and Grace. We are here for spiritual growth and happiness.
But what happens when that is not our experience? What happens when life sucks and people suck and the world sucks and nothing is beautiful or happy?
When that is happening, we have choices. We can stay pissed off and frustrated and angry. Or we can accept the situation, know that everything changes, get out of our head and into our hearts.  
How, you ask? Here is my one HUGE tip I share with my clients who come in struggling with this..... are you ready, cuz it's a big one!!
Stop whatever you are doing and get into the present moment. To do this, take a deep breath and feel your feet. Take another deep breath and feel the earth beneath your feet. Stay there for a few more breaths, and then put your attention on your heart. Then take a look at where you are, right now, right here. What is around you? What colors, textures, smells, items, energy are you in right now? How does your body feel, tired, warm, cool, fidgety? No judgement, just observation. What sounds are you hearing? What draws your attention? Look at it with no judgement, just observe what it is. Take another breath. Feel your feet. Feel your heart center. Now, do you feel a little better?
Do this often, it is my gift for the day, just for you!!

If you feel that you need some more support and assistance, I am available by appointment for personally designed session to guide you through the challenges and into the peace of mind and heart that you deserve!