Angelic Channeling w/ Archangel Sandalphon

It All Comes From the Mother

Everything that exists here on Earth, comes from Mother Earth.  No matter how man made or synthetic it appears, it all came from this Sacred Earth.

Have you ever taken a moment to think about this?  There is nothing that exists in this plane of existence that doesn’t come from mother earth!  Look around you.  Look at buildings, cars, TV’s, phones, chairs, silverware, street lights, glass, metal, concrete, stucco, brick, plastic, all of it started with components found on and in the Earth.  

How did we get so far away from this knowing?

Archangel Sandalphon, the Archangel of the Earth, joins in with his wisdom; “It is easy for humans to have lost this connection.  Look how many of you rarely go outside anymore, except to get to your car or a destination.  Look at how many people, especially the young ones, who really don’t know where an apple or carrot comes from.   How many of you watch TV to find out about the weather instead of going outside and listening to the wind?   When was the last time your bare feet touched grass or sand or dirt?  It’s quite impossible to honor and nurture something if you don’t even know how much of a part of your everyday life it is.  It breaks our angelic hearts to see this.”

He goes on, “But, there is a revolution of sorts, a great awareness happening right now that is bringing human kind back to the Mother.  Natural eating, holistic health care, organic gardening and renewable energy are becoming mainstream.  There is a resurgence of the ancient wisdom. And don’t think for a minute that the “hippies” and “Goddesses” and “raw foodies” aren’t changing the world.  It is a consciousness.  It is a reconnection to the Mother who gives you everything you have.  It is Life.  And it is time for all of you to start living it from the Truth.  This Truth being that you are part of everything that is around you.  You are intricately and intimately connected.  Your well being relies on the well being of everything, especially the well being of the largest living organism in your presence, Mother Earth.”

As I think on what Sandalphon is saying one question bubbles up from my mind and I ask him: “So, how do we get back to our connection?”

All of a sudden my heart expands and I begin to smile like a child filled with wonder and Archangel Sandalphon says, “Dance.  Dance in your heart, dance in your mind, dance with your body upon Mother Earth’s sacred surface.  Lift your face to the sky, open your heart and be grateful.  Let your feet feel Her power, let your soul be cleansed.  Dance with gratitude for the Mother for everything you have, everything you are and everything that is.  This is a Sacred Dance.  She will hear you.  And all will be blessed.”

AA Sandalphon and Michele Amburgey