You Are Guided - an Angelic Channeling

“You are Guided!” an Angelic Channeling

First seen in Holistically Savvy Magazine, October 2015

So many times during the course of my 13 years of practice, I have had students and clients, and even friends, come to me and say,  “My Angels must have given up on me.”  Or,  “I can’t even feel Angels around me anymore.”   Or, “I feel like my Angels have left me.”

I assure you that they haven’t abandoned you!!  Your Angels are given the task of taking care of You, and only You, during this lifetime.  It is their job, their assignment, their sole purpose to guide, guard and assist you.   How exciting is that?  And even better news is that almost everybody has at least two guardian Angels!  So if you feel you are wearing your guardian Angel out, don’t worry, they have back up!!

So, what is going on when you feel like your Angels have taken an extended vacation?   It could be one of several things, or a combo of any of them. 

When you feel like your Angels have left, check out what you thinking about.  Are thinking and talking positively?  Are your words and actions in integrity?  Are you spending time worrying?  Are you spending time being angry?   What you talk and think about affects your vibrational rate.  Angels vibrate at very high, loving vibrations.  If your thoughts, words and actions are not positive and uplifting, it is much harder to connect to the Angels.

When you feel abandoned by your Angels, are you taking good care of yourself?  Are you eating right, exercising, drinking your water and resting when you need to?  Are you saying “No” when you should be?  Are you listening to your inner child, and making sure you take time to play?  Not taking care of yourself  makes it harder to stay in a high, loving vibration. 

When you feel like you can’t connect to your Angels, are you doing prayer and meditation each day?  Praying is asking for what you need, and meditation is listening to the answers from inside and around you.  There are a gazillion ways to pray and meditate.  Spending quiet time with your Angels keeps you connected!

Are you paying attention to the present moment?  Are you aware of patterns and synchronicities?  Do you keep seeing or hearing the same song or statement or phrase?  Do you find feathers, pennies or certain kinds of rocks on your path?  These are all signs from the Angels that they are with you and love you!!

It is much easier to clearly and consistently communicate with your Angels if you take the time to meditate, pray, take good care of yourself, watch your inner dialogue and emotions, and stay present and aware.

Archangel Zadkiel has been looking over my shoulder and wants to say a few things:  “I AM Archangel Zadkiel and I am honored that you let me come through.  I want to say that all that is said here is very important!  You must be responsible and aware of yourself to be able to work with the Angels of any realm.  And like good friends, you have to invite us to come over!!  This the most important part of feeling, hearing, seeing and communicating with your Angels is you have to ask!  Ask us to come, call us by name, treat us like your best friend.”

“Even if you feel like your Angel has abandoned you, we are always present, guiding you.  And we leave signs all along the way.  Feathers, cloud formations, tinkling bell sounds, seashells, and things that you love.  Let us show you how much we love you.  Start being observant.  Start looking for our signs.  Because you are always being guided!!“

Thank you Archangel Zadkiel for that beautiful reminder.

Ask your Angels to be with you!!  And then look for the signs they give you to let you know they are on the job!!