Energy Clearing & Protection 101

Every time we start working beyond the physical realms, it is very important to take a few moments and prepare yourself, your space and your consciousness.

I’ve studied with many institutions and teachers in many different traditions and across the board the first thing that I have learned is that prayer and meditation are vitally important to being clear and balanced in a spiritual practice.

I suggest to my students, and even clients, that they begin a daily practice of prayer and meditation.  Invite in your guides and angels, ask for protection, quiet your energy fields and your mind and get grounded.  Doing this on a daily basis, over a period of time, creates a powerful field of angelic protection!!

In my studies I have also learned that we live in a world of duality.  It is the Earthly plane and we have dark and Light energies and entities about.  As we get into working in planes beyond the physical/earthly realms, we open up the possibility for lower energies and consciousnesses to come through.  But we have things we can do to ensure our safety and clarity.

One of the most powerful things I learned was that I have the authority to question whomever is coming to me.  I have the God given authority in the earthly plane, and I powerfully claim my authority when doing my work.

If I am ever contacted by a being that I don’t know, I immediately ask this question: “Are you of the Light?”.  It is important that you ask three times.  There is a magical quality to the number three, and it is used in all alchemical teachings.  So the way you do this is you address the being and ask them, “Are you of the Light?”.  Usually they will say “Yes”, and you will her or see or feel it very strong.  Then you ask again, “Are you of the Light?”.  Pay close attention to how you feel at this point.  Listen to the quality the answer.  Do you feel uplifted?  Do you feel  heavy?  What is going on?  Then, the clincher, ask one more time, no matter what you feel (even if you feel they might be ok), ask one more time, “Are you of the Light?”.  If they are not of the Light, if they are there for harm or mischievous reason, they cannot stay.  They must leave.  It is a Spiritual Law.

Make sure you always smudge with white sage or palo santo after you have had this experience.  It clears any residual energy that may have been left by lower energies.

This one little tip will keep you from lots of problems from pesky lower entities!!

There are many other things you can do as well, please keep studying and learning and use the tools that you gain so you can continue to be a brilliant Light in this world!!

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