Healthy, Wholesome Low Carb Eating !!

You’ve heard about the Keto Diet.  It is all the rage right now.  And there is a good reason for that.  The Keto way of eating is the way our ancestors ate before the industrialization of our food.  It’s the way gramma and grandpa ate.  Meat, eggs, veggies, cheeses, lard, oil, nuts and seeds.   It has sustained humanity for thousands of years. 


Since I have been studying about the Keto lifestyle, and have implemented it into my own life, I have experienced healing of four auto-immune diseases that plagued me for years.   I am no longer in excruciating pain.  I have energy and my mind is clear and focused.  I am sleeping all night and waking up refreshed and ready to greet my day. It hasn’t always been this way, for many years I suffered.  I gained a lot of weight, and was in pain all the time.  But not anymore.  I am healing. I am beginning to lose the weight that was a symptom of severe chronic illness.  I have gained my life back.  And you can, too!!


I have been a member of the Southern California healing community for over 17 years.  As a Holistic Healer, Intuitive, EFT Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and spiritual teacher, I have used powerful tools to help myself and many others to deal with the underlying emotional and mental issues that have kept so many people from succeeding in gaining back their health!! Losing weight and being truly healthy is a many faceted issue.  With my extensive background I have what you need to get healthy, lose weight and feel great again!!


I am offering an amazing enhanced program of learning how to get back to this healthy way of eating that will heal your body, balance your hormones, detox and rejuvenate your mind, emotions, body and soul.   As your body heals, it finds it’s own healthiest weight, naturally and organically, without you having to deprive yourself of yummy food or exercise like a maniac!!  It’s a lifestyle.  And it is amazing!!


I introduce to you Keto Club Plus!!!  Where you will get everything you need to live a healthy, happy Keto lifestyle!!  The membership for the basic Tier One package is only $20 a month, and provides you with onine group coaching to get you eating Keto like a pro, weekly online classes where we discuss what we are experiencing and work on processes to keep you on track , a super private Facebook group where we share recipes, ideas, trials and triumphs and support each other.  I provide you with meditations and energy work to clear and cleanse chakras and balance energy fields.  We will do EFT/Tapping, hypnotherapy, inner child work, past life regression, meditations, affirmations and whatever is needed to support and empower you on your journey.


If you need more personalized attention, I also offer private coaching that provides macros, daily eating plans, weekly private sessions and personalized meditations along with the Tier One package to really inspire you to your greatest self!!!

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Selenite Swords of Light

I have recently learned about a wonderful new healing tool/modality called the Selenite Swords of Light. I've taken several classes and are absolutely overwhelmed with the levels of energy that one can attain using them for healing, activations, transmissions and so much more.  I use them in many of my classes and offer healing session as well.  Check out the Services page for more information!!

Archangel Metatron Speaks on Ascension

Beloveds, Holy Beings of Light, we come to you today to speak on a subject that is not often approached in your culture.  Yet, many of you are going through this process as we speak.

First, let me introduce myself.  I AM Archangel Metatron.  I AM the Archangel of Light and of the Power of God, The One, Universal Creator.   It goes by many names.  But it is all One.  Let this be the first thing you gain understanding of from this channeling here today.

Today I come to you to address Ascension.  When I speak of Ascension I speak of the rising of your spiritual energy.  It is the bringing in of your Light Body.  The Light Body is centered in your spiritual tube, or sushumna, as well as in the mitochondria of each cell in your body.  The Light Body is Spiritual Light, or God Light, that is a natural state of being for you.  It has been lost by a de-scension of energy.  You exist in very low frequencies these days.  But those of you who are reading this know that there is something else, a better way.  And it is to you that I speak.

In December of 2012, there was a great shift in energies, and the people of Earth began to awaken.  You began to realize that there is more to you, to the earth, to the universe.  You began to remember who you are, as God Beings of Light. 

There are many Masters who walk on this Earth to show the way to your Ascension, they can be identified by their loving and joyous hearts.  They can be identified by how you feel when you are around them and when you are gone from them, you are lifted in joy and peace.  These are the Way Showers.  Find them and sit with them and learn.

The purpose of Ascension is to lift your spiritual energies into alignment with who you truly are as Sacred, Divine Beings.  This will create healing for body, mind and soul.  As this healing occurs, you will find yourself in a life of ease and grace.  Miracles, synchronicities and joyful experiences begin to replace the struggle.  You will become more aware of the God in all things, and less aware of the lower vibrating frequencies.  You will find meditation easier, and you will find that even the hardest of situations are met with a deep inner peace.

It is simple to increase your Light quotient.  Meditation on Light is one way.  Eating a pure diet and drinking pure water that is filled with Light, which is grown in the Sun and handled by awakened people with a loving consciousness is a way to support the physical body as it absorbs more Light.  Honoring nature, being in the present moment, Yogic practices, and watching your thoughts will help you to shift your energies to higher frequencies.  Working with Angels and Ascended Masters is another way to gain ground on your Ascension process. 

The ultimate purpose of this, of ascension, is to realize your Self.  To realize the Light of your own Divine Soul, and to live it here in human form on planet Earth is one of the most important things you can do.  You are not required to do this.  You will not be cast out of you don’t.  But, if you do choose to take the path of Ascension, you will find something that you lost eons ago.  You.

There is more, much more, but I will end here, for now.  Call upon me to assist you.  I AM forever in your service.  Archangel Metatron.

This was originally an article in Holistically Savvy Magazine, June 2016



Angelic Channeling w/ Archangel Sandalphon

It All Comes From the Mother

Everything that exists here on Earth, comes from Mother Earth.  No matter how man made or synthetic it appears, it all came from this Sacred Earth.

Have you ever taken a moment to think about this?  There is nothing that exists in this plane of existence that doesn’t come from mother earth!  Look around you.  Look at buildings, cars, TV’s, phones, chairs, silverware, street lights, glass, metal, concrete, stucco, brick, plastic, all of it started with components found on and in the Earth.  

How did we get so far away from this knowing?

Archangel Sandalphon, the Archangel of the Earth, joins in with his wisdom; “It is easy for humans to have lost this connection.  Look how many of you rarely go outside anymore, except to get to your car or a destination.  Look at how many people, especially the young ones, who really don’t know where an apple or carrot comes from.   How many of you watch TV to find out about the weather instead of going outside and listening to the wind?   When was the last time your bare feet touched grass or sand or dirt?  It’s quite impossible to honor and nurture something if you don’t even know how much of a part of your everyday life it is.  It breaks our angelic hearts to see this.”

He goes on, “But, there is a revolution of sorts, a great awareness happening right now that is bringing human kind back to the Mother.  Natural eating, holistic health care, organic gardening and renewable energy are becoming mainstream.  There is a resurgence of the ancient wisdom. And don’t think for a minute that the “hippies” and “Goddesses” and “raw foodies” aren’t changing the world.  It is a consciousness.  It is a reconnection to the Mother who gives you everything you have.  It is Life.  And it is time for all of you to start living it from the Truth.  This Truth being that you are part of everything that is around you.  You are intricately and intimately connected.  Your well being relies on the well being of everything, especially the well being of the largest living organism in your presence, Mother Earth.”

As I think on what Sandalphon is saying one question bubbles up from my mind and I ask him: “So, how do we get back to our connection?”

All of a sudden my heart expands and I begin to smile like a child filled with wonder and Archangel Sandalphon says, “Dance.  Dance in your heart, dance in your mind, dance with your body upon Mother Earth’s sacred surface.  Lift your face to the sky, open your heart and be grateful.  Let your feet feel Her power, let your soul be cleansed.  Dance with gratitude for the Mother for everything you have, everything you are and everything that is.  This is a Sacred Dance.  She will hear you.  And all will be blessed.”

AA Sandalphon and Michele Amburgey





It Starts with Loving Yourself - An Angelic Channeling

We’ve all been in love.  Isn’t it the most amazing feeling?  You can barely feel your feet, your head is in the clouds, colors are so vivid, sounds are so beautiful, and happiness envelops everything!!  If only it would stay like that forever!!

Unfortunately, life sets in and we settle into the ordinary.  Our loved ones are human, and sometimes they disappoint us.  The rosy glow begins to fade.  We begin to wonder who this is that we joined up with and if maybe, just maybe, there is someone better out there.  Isn’t that how it seems to go?

This is a universal experience.  We all go through it, sometimes several times in a lifetime.  So why is it so hard?  Love is so powerful, why can’t we hold onto it?

I asked the Archangels if they would help with this.  I really wanted a good answer!!

To my surprise and delight, Archangel Metatron came in with a warm breeze on my chilly legs. He says: “Love is a struggle because you precious humans haven’t figured out love isn’t a thing to have or a person to attach to.  Love is a consciousness.  You have ideas about what love is supposed to be and when it doesn’t happen that way, you think it isn’t love.  The problem, at its core, is that most of you don’t love yourselves.  You don’t love yourselves the way you want to be loved, so there is always a gap in your love experiences.  There seems to always be something missing.  And you think you are going to find it in someone else.  Nothing is further from the truth.  That gap, that missing thing you can’t seem to find with someone else, can only be filled by you.”

I have to admit, I kind of rolled my eyes.  We hear that all the time.  Love yourself.  Others can only love you to the extent you love yourself.  Yada, yada, yada.

I heard Metatron’s hearty laugh, as he went on, “You need to learn to take the time to treat yourself the way you want to be treated.  You have to be willing to show others how you want to be loved.  I ask you, how are they going to know how to treat you, how to love you, if you don’t show them?  You will find a positive response from the world around you when you put yourself at the center of your own Universe.  When you love you, it never goes away.  It does not betray you.  It does not cause hurt.  It fills your life with beauty and joy.  It is from this space that you can share your love with others.  And you will draw to you others who love themselves as well.  This is a Higher kind of Love.  It is Divine Love.  And this is what you are all here to share with each other.”

“I AM Metatron, and I love you.  Invite me to join you on your journey of self love. You’ll come to understand how precious and powerful and life changing your love truly is!!”

The Power of Reciprocity

“The Universe abhors a vacuum”.   The first time I heard this was when I was watching that wonderful breakthrough movie The Secret.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven when that movie came out!  As an Indigo and an Empath, and as someone who has always been close to the Angelic realms, I knew in my soul that so many of the teachings in The Secret were correct.

When I heard the statement “The Universe abhors a vacuum” I could hear the truth of it ring in the air around me.  I felt it in my body.  I felt it in my soul.  And I knew I’d better learn this statement on a deep level.  So I asked my Guardian Angel Galadriel (yes, that’s her name, I knew it before Lord of the Rings movie came out!) if she could help me understand the important of Universal balance and reciprocity and how best to achieve it.

Galadriel came to me in a whoosh of gold and blue light, like she does, and said, “The Universe requires balance because all that exists is balanced on an ever rotating sphere within a sphere within a sphere, etc.  Without balance it would all implode and cease to exist.“ 

My first though was how delicate and fragile it all was.  But Galadriel said, “Yes, it is fragile, and beautiful, and it is also designed as a tool for learning.  You brave souls who come into the third dimension to don a human form, and to experience through the human senses, must learn the power of reciprocity.   To achieve balance is one of the most important lessons you must learn.   

Every breath you breathe in, you must breathe one out, to stay alive.  Everything you put in your mouth must be processed, and excreted, to stay alive.  Everything you take from Mother Earth must be replaced, to keep her alive.  Every smile you receive from a stranger must be shared, to keep the goodness alive.  Every good deed one does for you must be returned to keep the kindness alive.  Everything you learn must be shared to keep the wisdom alive. 

Look at the places on your earth where selfishness, separateness and greed are in action.  Those places are dying.  The flora and fauna are dying.  The air is thick and heavy.  Water stands putrid in puddles.  The human life form is sick and lethargic.

Life cannot happen in a vacuum. “

I asked Galadriel if there was something I could do to be a better person in this part of my life.  She laughed her precious Angel laugh and said, “Yes, keep shining your Light, even in the dark places.  Don’t judge another, see each being as a part of God and Goddesses creation.  Love yourself.  And Love others.  You might not like them, but when you see them as part of the whole, it is easier to love them, because they are God/Goddess in their created form.  Maybe, they are holding a part of the Universal balance, and you just can’t see what it is at that moment.  You live in a world of duality, and this requires balance to continue.  Or not.  You are always shifting and changing and flowing up or down the creative spiral.  Remember, heaven is created in your heart and in your inner vision.  Spiritually centered people continue to flow upward in the spiral.  It is not better or worse than another, it is simply your souls calling.  Someday you will leave this spiral for another experience in another Universe, and there you will learn more amazing things.  Be well, sweet souls, your journey is a Sacred gift to us all.  Blessed are we that see the flow of the All.”

This was originally an article first published in Radiance Magazine, March 2017


Choosing peace over chaos, a little tool for you!

Life can be such an amazing experience!! We are surrounded by so much abundance and beauty! We are each an individuated expression of Love and Grace. We are here for spiritual growth and happiness.
But what happens when that is not our experience? What happens when life sucks and people suck and the world sucks and nothing is beautiful or happy?
When that is happening, we have choices. We can stay pissed off and frustrated and angry. Or we can accept the situation, know that everything changes, get out of our head and into our hearts.  
How, you ask? Here is my one HUGE tip I share with my clients who come in struggling with this..... are you ready, cuz it's a big one!!
Stop whatever you are doing and get into the present moment. To do this, take a deep breath and feel your feet. Take another deep breath and feel the earth beneath your feet. Stay there for a few more breaths, and then put your attention on your heart. Then take a look at where you are, right now, right here. What is around you? What colors, textures, smells, items, energy are you in right now? How does your body feel, tired, warm, cool, fidgety? No judgement, just observation. What sounds are you hearing? What draws your attention? Look at it with no judgement, just observe what it is. Take another breath. Feel your feet. Feel your heart center. Now, do you feel a little better?
Do this often, it is my gift for the day, just for you!!

If you feel that you need some more support and assistance, I am available by appointment for personally designed session to guide you through the challenges and into the peace of mind and heart that you deserve! 

Getting A Good Reading, Tips From A Professional Psychic

There are so many people who go to psychics these days!!  So it is important to know how to get a good reading!!

A lot of people assume that it is the psychic or medium who does all the work, but this is far from true.  You, as the client or sitter, are also participating and are part of the energy that allows for your messages to come through.  You are very much in control of the flow of energy.   You can block information or allow it, you can be there in joy or anger or fear or sadness and all of that affects your reading. 

Often people come to a psychic when they have had a trauma and are seeking insight and answers.  It is natural for them to be upset, in fear or even angry.  And this is ok.  Just being aware that your state of mind might effect the energy, you will be able to relax and let the energy and information come.  And a good psychic will help you to calm down and relax through a prayer or meditation to help you be ready for your reading.  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve had to “talk off the ledge” before getting down to the messages they came to receive!!

Getting a good reading is also based on being able to choose a good psychic.  Finding one through friends or family who have had a good experience is the best way, but sometimes you may need to find one without a referral, so here are some good tips:

1.     Pick a psychic who has trained in psychism and/or mediumship, and spirituality.  There are a lot of people who have a gift, but do not have training on safety, protocols, etiquette, and basic psychology to handle what may happen in a reading.  Choosing a psychic who also has a background in psychology, healing, metaphysics, spirituality and who is a bright and happy person will go a long way in making sure you have a great experience.

2.     Listen to how you FEEL about a psychic you are thinking of getting a reading from.  If all your friends say this one is great, but you don’t feel right, listen to yourself.  It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong necessarily, but it does mean that you probably are not going to get what you are seeking from that psychic at that time.  Choose a psychic who’s photo or demeanor makes you feel good and happy and uplifted.  Most people can tell pretty quickly, if they trust their intuition!!

3.     Don’t cheap out on your psychic.  Good professional psychics come at a premium rate because they have experience and training that hone their skills.  Just like a doctor, psychologist, physical trainer, or CEO of a large corporation you are paying for what you get.  And keep in mind…you aren’t really paying a psychic for their gifts, you are paying them for their time.  And a good professional psychic will have invested hundreds if not thousands of hours on training honing those gifts, not to mention the money they have invested.  A really good psychic charges no less that $125-$150 per hour, and most charge much more than that.  But think of it…..if you have to have surgery, do you want the street corner surgeon who is cheap, or do you want the profession doctor who has what is needed to give you top notch care??  Personally, I choose the good doctor who has what it takes to make sure I am taken care of well!!  Your psychic may find a health issue that saves your life, or help you find the love of your life, or provide you with information to help you make adjustments to live a happy, fulfilling, successful life!!  Don’t cheap out on that, you are too important!!

4.     Some people come to a psychic reader feeling skeptical.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  It’s okay to see for yourself what this psychic thing is all about.  Just make sure that you aren’t closed off.  It’s important to stay open.   Some people will try to test the psychic.  This never works.  Because if you are doing that you aren’t open and receptive.  The psychic feels it and it doesn’t feel good, and the psychic may close up their fields for protection.  Spirit does not come through closed energy!!  Some people come with expectations and if they don’t get exactly what they want they wont accept any of it.  I had one woman come to me and she had told her mother on the other side, before the reading, that if she said “The cat is black”  then she would believe it was her coming through.  Well, we started the reading and I kept seeing a black cat at the womans feet.  I asked her if she had a black cat that had passed, and she said no.  So I brought her Mom through, who was really excited about talking to her daughter, but the woman only wanted to hear one thing…..  she wasn’t accepting that the black cat was her message!!

So she spent a lot of time and money being stubborn and closed off and missed an opportunity to communicate with her lovely mother.

5.     Never go to a psychic who boasts about being the best or better than others.  A good psychic has learned to tame his or her ego.  Some psychics will say that they have a very special gift.  The truth is, we all have this very special gift.  I’ve been teaching spiritual development for 13 years and I have never met someone who didn’t have psychic/intuitive abilities.  Being able to work as a psychic simply means that we have trained and worked to hone our gifts, hone our skills, just like any other professional.

6.     Excellent psychics care about their clients, their world and themselves.  They are incredibly sensitive and are typically kind and generous. Respect these qualities, because it is what makes them a really good psychic!  Be kind and generous back to them, be gentle and understanding of their sensitivities, speak positively, don’t use harsh language, be on time, listen, take notes and thank them.  Your psychic is a powerful avenue to creating your very best life ever!!


Points to keep in mind:

Be on time.  The 30 or 60 minutes you reserve are yours to use.  If you are late, you cannot make it up at the end of the session because there are other people booked after you.

Be respectful.

No crossed arm or legs, this blocks energy.

Cell phone off, unless you choose to record your session.  Always ask permission, some psychics do not allow this.

Take notes, or record the session.

There are as many different types of people who are psychic and mediumship readers as there are different types of people.  It is part of the fun of doing the work that I do!!

If you feel that I could be of service to you, please call me to make your appointment!!  I offer sessions by phone, via Skype, and in person upon special request.  I work with people all over the world and I love what I do!!  I hope to be able to share it with you!!







You Are Guided - an Angelic Channeling

“You are Guided!” an Angelic Channeling

First seen in Holistically Savvy Magazine, October 2015

So many times during the course of my 13 years of practice, I have had students and clients, and even friends, come to me and say,  “My Angels must have given up on me.”  Or,  “I can’t even feel Angels around me anymore.”   Or, “I feel like my Angels have left me.”

I assure you that they haven’t abandoned you!!  Your Angels are given the task of taking care of You, and only You, during this lifetime.  It is their job, their assignment, their sole purpose to guide, guard and assist you.   How exciting is that?  And even better news is that almost everybody has at least two guardian Angels!  So if you feel you are wearing your guardian Angel out, don’t worry, they have back up!!

So, what is going on when you feel like your Angels have taken an extended vacation?   It could be one of several things, or a combo of any of them. 

When you feel like your Angels have left, check out what you thinking about.  Are thinking and talking positively?  Are your words and actions in integrity?  Are you spending time worrying?  Are you spending time being angry?   What you talk and think about affects your vibrational rate.  Angels vibrate at very high, loving vibrations.  If your thoughts, words and actions are not positive and uplifting, it is much harder to connect to the Angels.

When you feel abandoned by your Angels, are you taking good care of yourself?  Are you eating right, exercising, drinking your water and resting when you need to?  Are you saying “No” when you should be?  Are you listening to your inner child, and making sure you take time to play?  Not taking care of yourself  makes it harder to stay in a high, loving vibration. 

When you feel like you can’t connect to your Angels, are you doing prayer and meditation each day?  Praying is asking for what you need, and meditation is listening to the answers from inside and around you.  There are a gazillion ways to pray and meditate.  Spending quiet time with your Angels keeps you connected!

Are you paying attention to the present moment?  Are you aware of patterns and synchronicities?  Do you keep seeing or hearing the same song or statement or phrase?  Do you find feathers, pennies or certain kinds of rocks on your path?  These are all signs from the Angels that they are with you and love you!!

It is much easier to clearly and consistently communicate with your Angels if you take the time to meditate, pray, take good care of yourself, watch your inner dialogue and emotions, and stay present and aware.

Archangel Zadkiel has been looking over my shoulder and wants to say a few things:  “I AM Archangel Zadkiel and I am honored that you let me come through.  I want to say that all that is said here is very important!  You must be responsible and aware of yourself to be able to work with the Angels of any realm.  And like good friends, you have to invite us to come over!!  This the most important part of feeling, hearing, seeing and communicating with your Angels is you have to ask!  Ask us to come, call us by name, treat us like your best friend.”

“Even if you feel like your Angel has abandoned you, we are always present, guiding you.  And we leave signs all along the way.  Feathers, cloud formations, tinkling bell sounds, seashells, and things that you love.  Let us show you how much we love you.  Start being observant.  Start looking for our signs.  Because you are always being guided!!“

Thank you Archangel Zadkiel for that beautiful reminder.

Ask your Angels to be with you!!  And then look for the signs they give you to let you know they are on the job!!